What is Pyrography?

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.50.58 PM

With the art of pyrography I use a heated pen (or tip) on a natural surface. This allows me to draw and paint with heat. Using sepia tones, I differentiate between shapes and textures.  One error of my pen, or too much heat applied, means I have to start the process all over.  With precision and attention to detail, I distinguish shadows from light causing pictures to come to life on my wooden canvas. Each hand-crafted piece of art uniquely displays the varying notches and grains in the wood. Though the art of pyrography is unforgiving and time-consuming, it’s a challenge I welcome over and over.     – Jason Collazo

At Impressions by Jason, we work specifically with wood. This is a place where I can showcase my portfolio while at the same time inviting you into the process.

Want to follow a piece from start to finish? Check out:

A Little About Me

I’m Jason. Husband. Father of 3. Artist. Pyrographer. How’s that for short and sweet?!

I’ve been playing around with Pyrography for over 10 years now. Years ago I purchased an inexpensive kit from a hobby store. Never did I imagine Pyrography would turn into my passion. I love taking a blank slate and turning it into a work of art.

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View Portfolio {here}.

Interested in a custom piece?

Feel free to contact me below. More information coming soon.


One thought on “About

  1. I was at a Craft Fair at Hackman’s in Whitehall near Allentown about a month ago. Your wife had some sayings in white picture frames. I am interested in obtaining the one that had a verse in the book of Revelation

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